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At Milkable we love packaging design. The enthusiasm from our team when a new packaging project comes along often surprises clients as this is often seen as a ‘not so glamorous side’ of the design business.

We believe that to create awesome pack design we need to follow our proven best practice process.

Strategy and examination

That means we start with a detailed strategy briefing from Client which includes a detailed examination of competitors’ packs. We then study the options in terms of packaging formats – whether its bottles, boxes, TetraPaks, canisters, tubes, tins – the options can often seem endless.

Once we settle on the strategy and format/shape of the packaging container we then finalise the job brief and start work on the packaging design.

Like with brand design, we follow a 3-stage process. We prepare the job brief for client review, input and approval and then proceed to a 3-stage design process as follows:

Stage 1: Develop 3 pack design concepts showing application in a variety of areas.
Stage 2: Refine preferred brand design concept(s) showing application in a variety of areas.
Stage 3: Prepare finished artwork and handover files to client.

We love then taking our pack designs and working with the printers and other suppliers to select the most suitable papers, textures, coatings and other materials to bring our designs to life on the pack.

We also can assist with Client with quality control at all the steps in the pack production process to make sure the end product looks at its best.

The case studies below showcase a range of examples of our pack design work.


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Happy Happy Soy Boy

Get Happy!

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Feed the fire

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Life's too short

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