It was great to have the opportunity to help Assetowl change the brand name and brand identity for their state-of-the-art property inspection reporting app and rollout a fresh new website.



The first step in the transformation process was to create a new brand name that was unique and relevant for a state-of-the-art rental property inspection tool and SAAS service aimed at Real Estate agency directors and principals.


Brand Name

The brand name PIRSEE is the combination of an acronym PIR derived from Property Inspection Report and the verb SEE. This works well from a technical angle as the essence of the business is to provide ‘the best way’ for Real Estate agency directors and principals and their staff to see the property inspection reports.

It also rhymes with the name PERCY and helps to personalise it. We thought that with the right branding and marketing PIRSEE, like Siri, Alexa, and Google before it, can become part of the industry vernacular when it comes to Real Estate Property Inspection Report SAAS solutions. ‘Go check with Pirsee’ rolls off the tongue well.


Brand Design

Our brand design uses shapes to represent different rooms of a house in an abstract way with the circle being the camera taking photos in a 360-degree perspective. It also creates the letter ‘P’ for Pirsee. The overall colour palette is calming to the eye.



The website was designed to provide a smooth user experience for the visitor while making it easy to find out more information about what benefits Pirsee offers real estate agency principals, property managers, property owners and tenants for entry and exit inspections.


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