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It’s not every day that Australia’s #1 player of AFL DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) asks you to help create their new brand and online subscription service which offers current and future DFS players the chance to subscribe weekly to get tips, advice, line-up crunchers and other tools crafted by the #1 player of AFL DFS  – Chriseddy999 and other top players.



Our strategy was to go big and bold with the brand and the website much like we see for the AFL brands.


Brand Design

In a world obsessed with Superheroes, we saw Draft Studs as the super-heroes of Daily Fantasy Sports so we added a trophy and a set of wings to signify how they fly higher than the other DFS players and added a star symbol as a secondary element.

For the word DRAFT we went big and bold with a unique font style for STUDS to reflect the individual style and confident character of the brand.


The result

Client loved the brand and website.

In their own words

Working with the Milkable team was a delight.
We felt comfortable from the very first phone call. Having our hands held by the Milkable team through an intensive design process was a great learning experience. Watching the way they interact with one another to form various pieces was a thing to behold.
But more importantly, the output was breathtaking. Every aspect was exactly what we had envisioned… only better.
Overall, a wonderful premium experience of high-end branding, marketing and design. A world-class service.

Chris Edwards – Founder


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