Methodist Ladies’ College

Methodist Ladies’ College

Students from China

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Problem/Opportunity 问题/机遇

In 2018, elite girls’ school Methodist Ladies’ College appointed Enrolment International (EI) as their international student enrolment consultants for the China market. Enrolment International then engaged Milkable to assist them with the creation of various Chinese language materials for their marketing of Methodist Ladies’ College to education agents, parents and students in China.

在2018年,珀斯精英女子学校—卫理公会女子学院,邀请优盟国际(EI)作为他们在中国市场的国际学生申校顾问。随后,优盟国际(EI)聘请 Milkable 协助他们制作各种中文材料,向中国的教育中介、家长和学生推广卫理公会女子学院。

Methodist Ladies’ College

Strategy 策略

Due to the fast pace of life in China, we condensed the huge amount of information in the school’s English language website into a Chinese language microsite. We also embedded the new school video, two student testimonial videos and brochure into the website. This made it easier for the very busy education agents in China to present Methodist Ladies’ College and showcase its unique location, heritage and character.


School videos 学校视频

The school video was produced to convey the elite nature of Methodist Ladies’ College and showcase the unique musical talents of many of their students, while highlighting its wonderful location and benefits for international students. As an elite brand, we decided to treat the video in a way that many luxury products are marketed in China – with a uniquely feminine touch.

The two student testimonial videos are used both on the website and on WeChat, a highly popular social media platform in China with over 900 million users.

We also created a video for MLC’s Music Masterclass, a program for elite musical students from China participating in a music masterclass program under the tutelage of the MLC’s Head of Music.



我们还制作了一个女子音乐大师班视频,作为邀请中国具有音乐天赋的精英学生前来参加音乐大师班项目的一部分, 该项目将全权由卫理公会女子学院音乐总监负责。

Microsite 微网站

As most people in China view websites on their mobile phones, we designed and built this responsive site to be easy for the education agents, parents and students to access key information, view videos and materials quickly.


Methodist Ladies’ College
Methodist Ladies’ College

The result 成效

The response from the agents, parents and students in China has been very positive and Enrolment International have already recruited new students for MLC in a short period of time.


In their own words 反馈

“Milkable has been fantastic to work with on this project. They have captured the unique character of Methodist Ladies’ College for our Chinese audience.”


Lilian Sun – Managing Director, Enrolment International


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