Campaign Development

When it comes to Campaign Development at Milkable we believe that irrespective of whether it's a short term tactical campaign or a long-term brand building campaign it is imperative that we ensure the various elements of the campaign are integrated to deliver a consistent brand message, positioning and brand character.

Of course, we believe in allowing creative flexibility within a campaign to maximise the effectiveness of the different media vehicles that are used but we will never sacrifice brand consistency in the campaign development process.

At Milkable we follow a best practice process when it comes campaign development. This starts with Client and Milkable agreeing the strategy and key objectives / KPI’s. The next step is creative campaign concept development and once this is approved by Client we proceed to the creation and production of all the campaign elements. In the case of TV and video including 2D and 3D animation we handle all production work in-house.

We strive for awesomeness not only in creative execution but also in terms of the effectiveness of the campaign in meeting or exceeding the campaign objectives and KPI’s.

Our creative campaign development work covers many industries for small, medium and large businesses and brands.

We often collaborate with other specialist agencies on campaign development including digital marketing agencies, inbound marketing specialists and media agencies.

The case studies below showcase a range of examples of our campaign development work and also include client feedback on their experience working with Milkable.

The Furniture Gallery 3D

Create your dream interior

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Never forget

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Get Serious

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Happy Happy Soy Boy

Get Happy!

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Heritage Tanks

Built Tuff

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Content Living

Experience the Magic

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First Home Buyers Direct

First Time?

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WOW Furniture + Bedding

Holy WOW!

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Be a Friend

Uber and DrinkWise

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Feel the Future

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Pic Fresh

Think Fresh

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Conus Noble Finance

Better business

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Take5 Feedback

Instant feedback

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Easy as 123

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United Tools

With you all the way

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Haigh & Hastings

Adventure time

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The Furniture Gallery

Artful living

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Pine Discount Furniture

The Furniture Revolution

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