We were engaged by our good friends at 40/40 Creative to create 3D illustrations and a 3D animation for their client – AQUAMIST.

3D Illustration

We modelled the different elements of the product from scratch and then retextured these models to incorporate each of the products in the range.


3D animation

We then created the 10-second 3D Animation video using fluid simulations for water.

The Result

40/40 Creative and their Client Aquamist are super-stoked with the result and global sales of  Aquamist continue to rocket.

In their own words

It’s always great presenting amazing 3D work to our clients as it’s always a new and unique experience for them. This time around was no different and the client was thrilled to see their product come to life. Love your work.

Nic Nichols – 40/40 Creative


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