Brand naming and creation

At Milkable we love to sink our teeth into new brand naming and new brand creation projects as this enables us to help our client to set the brand strategy, brand character, brand values and brand story from the very beginning. It’s like the artist starting with a new subject and a fresh canvas.

Our approach to new brand naming and new brand creation is Strategy comes First.

This starts with a detailed Client briefing will cover all aspects of the business and brand strategy and include a detailed Competitor Analysis. Following the in-depth briefing, Milkable reviews the information provided and prepares a Summary of Brand Strategy (SOBS) document. This condenses the brand strategy into a single page format and summarises where you are at this current point in time by answering two questions: Where are we? Why are we there?

This also summarises what your short term (12 month) quantitative and qualitative objectives are and what you need to do to achieve these objectives by answering two other questions: Where could we be in 12 months? How do we get there?

This one-page document is used to provide our creative teams and the Client with the essence of the new brand strategy ‘in a nutshell’ so we are all on the same page before proceeding with brand naming followed by new brand design.

Brand naming

The brand naming process starts with the Brand name job brief which includes the key strategic insight(s) derived from the Summary of Brand Strategy. This is always single-mindedly focused on the desired customer response and experience. Milkable creates a shortlist of potential brand names with creative rationales for client consideration and testing and also checks for domain name availability and trademark potential.

Brand Design

Once the brand name is selected the next step is to develop the brand design. We follow a similar process of preparing the brand design job brief for client review, input and approval and then proceed to a 3-stage design process as follows:

Stage 1: Develop 3 brand design concepts showing application in a variety of areas.
Stage 2: Refine preferred brand design concept(s) showing application in a variety of areas.
Stage 3: Prepare finished artwork and handover files to client.

The case studies below showcase a range of examples of our campaigns and projects where we created the new brand name and / or new brand design. These case studies also include client feedback on their experience of working with Milkable.

Peak Education

Reach for your Peak

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Create your Own

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Breathe Easy

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Easy Weddings

Your perfect day, made easy

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Never forget

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The Children’s Garden

Early Days

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Get Serious

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Human Sparks

De-risking digital transformations

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bright Ideas

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WOW Furniture + Bedding

Holy WOW!

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Phone Jacks

Never Run Out

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Feed the fire

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Feel the Future

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SDS Group

Oracle Gold

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Lauren Breen

Learning to fly

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HKT Legal

Robust, unshackled, reliable

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Life's too short

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Perth Inflight Catering

Catering to your needs

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Take5 Feedback

Instant feedback

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Clever Starfish

Need some extra arms?

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M Events & Hire

Beautiful Perth Events

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Gustavino Capital

Global Deal Innovations

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You had me at sushi

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Own the night

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Haigh & Hastings

Adventure time

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The Furniture Gallery

Artful living

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Intense Health

Focus in the moment

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