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At Milkable we take rebranding projects very seriously as we realise how critical it is to get this right and not merely advocate for clients to rebrand due to the significant investment they have made in building their brand to this point. Our preference is for evolution versus revolution unless a revolutionary approach is absolutely necessary to rejuvenate the brand and the business.

Our approach to rebranding is strategy comes first.

This starts with a detailed Client briefing will cover all aspects of the business and brand strategy and include a detailed Competitor Analysis. Following the in-depth briefing, Milkable reviews the information provided and prepares a Summary of Brand Strategy (SOBS) document.

This one-page document is used to provide our creative teams and the Client with the essence of the brand strategy ‘in a nutshell’ so we are all on the same page before proceeding with the rebranding project.

Brand naming

Most rebranding projects do not involve the need for a new brand name (so we will not explain this aspect of our services in detail here). More details on this can be found on brand name and creation services here.


Rebranding can cover a narrow scope of work – new brand design and style guide only – or it can cover a much broader area – new brand strategy, new brand design and style guide, new website, new branding campaign covering a broad range of elements, etc.  Milkable can assist in all these areas. Please see other specific pages for more details on our services covering brand design, style guides, websites and campaign development.

The case studies below showcase a range of examples of our rebranding campaigns and projects These case studies also include client feedback on their experience of working with Milkable.

Peak Education

Reach for your Peak

View case study


Create your Own

View case study


Breathe Easy

View case study

Easy Weddings

Your perfect day, made easy

View case study


Never forget

View case study

The Children’s Garden

Early Days

View case study


Get Serious

View case study

Human Sparks

De-risking digital transformations

View case study


bright Ideas

View case study

WOW Furniture + Bedding

Holy WOW!

View case study

Phone Jacks

Never Run Out

View case study


Feed the fire

View case study


Feel the Future

View case study

SDS Group

Oracle Gold

View case study

Lauren Breen

Learning to fly

View case study

HKT Legal

Robust, unshackled, reliable

View case study


Life's too short

View case study

Perth Inflight Catering

Catering to your needs

View case study

Take5 Feedback

Instant feedback

View case study

Clever Starfish

Need some extra arms?

View case study

M Events & Hire

Beautiful Perth Events

View case study

Gustavino Capital

Global Deal Innovations

View case study


You had me at sushi

View case study


Own the night

View case study

Haigh & Hastings

Adventure time

View case study

The Furniture Gallery

Artful living

View case study

Intense Health

Focus in the moment

View case study

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